How to Make Your Own Charmed Book of Shadows Replica

How to Make Your Own Charmed Book of Shadows Replica

The Book of Shadows is the book which the three sisters consult before they go and fight warlocks, and other demons. It was written by their ancestors and each witch in the family has additional something to it. It has all the spells in it. The Book of Shadows is considered priceless to warlocks and demons. Many times they have tried to get it. The problem is that one of the Halliwells has to carry it out of the house, or else it wont go out.

Make your own book. There is a wide range of possibilities when it comes to designing your own personal Charmed Book of Shadows. You can get a three-ring binder cover in in faux green leather, then glue the same material to the inside and secured it by stitching it all the way around the outside edges giving it a uniform look. You can buy substantial metal triquetra stickers online for the front of your book.

The pages you can either make your self by drawing them from the pictures online or buy the pages on line and print them at home on you computer. You can have them laminated which would make them last for years or buy plastic pages like the ones used for baseball card holders, these also work well. You can also buy an exact replica online. The Charmed book is a beautiful memento of a show with characters and drama we all knew and loved. You can make your Charmed book at home today.

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