How to identify a CASIO Watch Fake – Don’t Get Ripped Off!

How to identify a CASIO Watch Fake – Don’t Get Ripped Off!

The CASIO Computer Company was established in Tokyo, Japan in 1946 and for more than 60 years has produced the highest quality electronics products in the industry. Known for products such as calculators, PDAs, Cameras and audio equipment, but for many consumers, their best known products on the market are the extremely popular CASIO Watches.

With popularity comes imitation, and todays market is overwhelmed with knock-off and notable fakes.

When shopping online for CASIO Watches, you should keep a few things in mind:

Try CASIOs website first – see what they offer directly from the company and it can help you thin your further searches.

Only shop at reputable online stores – look for Warranty Information on the stores site.

If shopping at an online auction site, ensure that the seller has positive comments and feedback on the products they sell – while there are no guarantees of the sellers business conduct, it is a good way to gauge the general quality of their products and sets.

No matter what kind of site it is, the seller should have pictures of their CASIO Watches – compare those pictures to the ones on the official CASIO Watches website.

All CASIO Watches come with CASIO printed on the confront and on the back, usually in small letters. Also, the complete or uncompletely form number of the watch. *Sometimes several similar watches will use the same back and only the first part of the shared general form number is printed – pictures provided by sellers should mirror that.

When shopping in public, you should always go to an established jeweler or major department store. But, lets say that you are going to stop by a watch sellers kiosk in your local shopping centre or an open-air market; there are some things to look for when browsing:

Just as with online shopping, ensure you inspect the watch and its case for official markings.

* Ensure that CASIO is on the confront and back of the watch in addition as the complete or uncompletely form number of the watch.

* Ensure that the form number matches official CASIO Watches form numbers – this may take a little pre-planning and research on your part, but its worth it not to buy a fake CASIO.

* Look on the back side of the watchs box – next to the barcode there should be a form number that matches the form of the watch. – Beware a watch that is in the wrong box or has no box at all.

* A fake CASIO will also show signs of poor workmanship. – Closely inspect the watch for rough edges, discoloration, offset or strange looking text on the watchs confront in addition as the quality of the band and clasp. You should also test the brightness of the dial as many fake CASIO Watches will have a noticeably dimmer confront than a true CASIO watch

Trust your gut; if it looks wrong, it probably is.

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