How to Get an 800 Number Without the Traditional Hassle and Cost

How to Get an 800 Number Without the Traditional Hassle and Cost

In the not so olden days in order to get an 800 number you had to put up with all sorts of hassles and expenses that were simply par for the course. First you had to have the phone company come out and set up all sorts of expensive equipment. Then you had to pay all sorts of money up front and worst of all sign a contract. Those days are gone.

Now it is possible to have an 800 number for your clients and your possible clients to use no matter how big or small your company is. An 800 number is a great way to make your small business seem as though it is as big as a Fortune 500 company and when you have an 800 number for people to use a strange thing begins to happen; you phone starts ringing uncontrollably.

Now thanks to what is known as ‘virtual’ 800 number service, getting an 800 number is as simple as going to a website, deciding what plan you want, and then calling the company and setting up your service. Instead of having to wait days for the phone company to come out to you your 800 number can be set up in a very short time and before you know it you have an official 800 number of your very own.

Companies such as and are great examples of virtual 800 number sets companies and the sets that they provide are really amazing. Of course the amount of features you will be able to take advantage of all depends on how much you want to use, but for the most part, you can start small and build your sets as your company grows and requires them.

To start with though, for as little as about ten bucks a month you can have an 800 number. All you would need to realize would be one additional sale because of your 800 number and more than likely it would pay for itself. already the most basic packages that many of these companies have are loaded with features such as the option to set up different extensions, voice mail, and so much more.

The pricier packages include moment fax, messaging sets to your iPhone or other handheld device, teleconferencing, and more. You can already pay a little bit additional and get what is known as a vanity number. So if your business is in cat food you could pay to have the phone number 800-CAT-FOOD.

Really when you look at how easy it is to go ahead and set up a virtual 800 number the question becomes less of how do you do it, and more of why didn’t you do it before. Thanks to the many different virtual 800 number sets that now exist there is no reason to keep up down your small business with a small look and feel. Instead give those who call your business the impression that your company is a multi-national one that is capable of competing with the big boys.

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