How to Choose VGA Cables for Your Computer or TV

How to Choose VGA Cables for Your Computer or TV

When you talk about video graphics range, or VGA, cables, there really isn’t a range of types. But when you go to a store to buy one, you have to know what specifications to look for to know which cable will be best for your monitor or TV set.

This kind of cable was initially made to specifically transmit video signals from computer to monitor. ultimately, video game consoles and home theater equipment also began using this connector.

One of the first things you need to understand about this kind of cable is how it works. It creates 5 signals going from your computer or from your home theater system to your monitor or your TV screen. The discrete level information for the dominant video colors red, green, and blue are transmitted by 3 of those 5 signals. The remaining 2 signals transmit the data for vertical and horizontal synchronization.

The length of your VGA cable is vital. Generally, the shorter the cable, the better image it can produce. If you have a cable that’s longer than what you need, you’ll just invite more of the unnecessary noise, interference, and other problems from external signals that can go into your cable. You also need to know that if you need to transmit a video with higher resolution, expect more possibilities of signal problems.

So, if you’re thinking of purchasing a cable, you’d need a really good one if you want to characterize a high-resolution image or if you need to use a cable that’s longer than 10 feet. A cable of average quality will be fine if you need up to about 9 or 10 feet to connect your computer to your monitor or your video game console to your TV. But it would really be best if you could minimize the length of the cable you’re going to use to a maximum of 2 feet.

You can check the cable that you’ll buy for specifications about the image resolution that it supports. You shouldn’t be satisfied with obvious advertising descriptions like “high-performance cable” or “best for high-resolution videos.” You’ll come across manufacturers and distributors marketing their products with enticing terms, so be careful about this. Get the specific numbers of the resolution level it can sustain.

There are vendors today, though, that offer wholesale price on high-quality VGA cables. When trying to buy from them, just make sure it is a reputable store, whether it’s an online or a brick-and-mortar shop. Ask about their return policy to be sure.

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