How Many Accounts Are obtainable to One Server?

How Many Accounts Are obtainable to One Server?

In Shared Web Hosting, there are several thousand websites contained on a single server, such that these websites can proportion system resources like disk space, CPU and data move, on the server. By principal, users have control panel access to their web hosting account, but do not have the root level access to the server their account is running on. The web great number is thoroughly responsible for the management and maintenance of the server.

This kind of hosting service is mainly useful for small to medium-sized web owners whose websites do not require large amount of server resources. Commercial and specialized websites largely make use of VPS or dedicated web hosting sets to cater to their large resource requirements.

Shared Hosting benefits the users a lot when it comes to the Cost. With the hundreds of websites sharing a single server, the cost of maintenance is also being shared amongst the number of accounts, bringing down the costs considerably. You can avail a good web hosting account with excess of 150 GB of disk space and data transfers for just 10 dollars a month. Also since the web great number manages the server, there is online sustain always obtainable, for any issues that may occur with the server. So, people with fewer knowledge about IT, need not hesitate for setting up a hosting account and a website.

Basically, the number of accounts obtainable to one server thoroughly depends upon the web great number. There are many of them that great number 200 – 250 accounts per server basis. The question of whether these many numbers of accounts, if hosted on a single server, may deteriorate the performance of the website or access to it, depends upon the number of different websites on the server and system resource utilisation like memory, hard disk speed and CPU usage. Generally, 95% of the domains keep idle most of the time, and the rest keeps active at all times. However, if you experience slow website access on a regular basis while using shared hosting, it may be because there are more websites active on the server. In this case, you can contact your web great number and request for moving your account to a lower usage server.

UNIX/Linux and Windows hosting rule the shared hosting market. You may choose the one, which suits the technology of your website. Websites utilising PHP programming or MySQL database, should use a UNIX/Linux based platform, while those utilising technologies like .ASP, .Net programming, an MSSQL database, ColdFusion. IIS, Windows Media, VBScript or Microsoft Frontpage, should use a Windows-based platform.

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