How Heat Mediation Procedure Can Make Your Place Bedbug-Free

How Heat Mediation Procedure Can Make Your Place Bedbug-Free

Have you ever experienced waking up in the middle of the night with red itchy swollen marks on your skin? This is a sign of bed bug infestation. It is advisable to contact exterminators. Long Island pest control companies offer highly effective procedures to help you.

A bed bug is a flat, reddish brown ectoparasitic insect usually found in homes and hotels. It nests on warm humid places like bed, mattresses, furniture, carpet, closet and already in electronic appliances like computer. With the size of an apple seed, it feeds on blood of human and other mammals. They usually attack at night and suck blood from their hosts. This causes harsh itching and may rule to skin infections and irritations.

There are many ways to eradicate this pest. One way is to wash bed linens and duvets regularly. Pieces of furniture should be vacuumed. Chemical spraying has been a popular choice for many people but this course of action can leave an unpleasant smell and oily chemical residues on the bed. This method is not advisable for homes with kids and pets because the chemicals used are too strong. Other methods like fogging and bug bombs are applied by most exterminators. Long Island pest control companies are now applying heat treatment for bed bugs.

This new treatment kills pests down to its very last egg. It effectively eradicates this kind of pest by applying a 120-135 degrees Fahrenheit heat. Treatment for insects can be dangerous to health but this one is safe and ecosystem-friendly, as it does not use chemicals. Heat remediation treatment is capable of penetrating into the wall, cavities and other surfaces that only roaches can reach. This procedure usually takes a few hours. Unlike the application of chemical sprays, this method, allows you to go into your house right after the application. In addition, it is mess-free and most importantly, it is safe for children and pets.

Prevent these parasites from inhabiting your home. Clean your house and make it free from any clutter. This should get rid of any bug nests easily. Inspect surfaces of bed sheets, mattress tags and bed skirts. Rust-colored spots are sign of infestation. Washing bed linens and other cloths at high temperature is also effective in killing the bugs. Second-hand furniture like sofa and table are also inclined to bed bug infestation. Carefully inspect them before bringing these items home.

Bed bugs also hide behind headboards, artworks, picture frames and electrical outlet panels. It is wise to elevate your luggage on a rack away from your bed and the wall. Examine them before and after going to a trip and never put them on the bed. Upon returning home, it is a good practice to put your clothing in the dryer at the highest setting for at the minimum 15 minutes.

Once you see signs of bed bug infestation in your house, make sure to do the necessary actions before the problem gets worse. Get service from exterminators. Long Island has many pest control companies that can end your problem with bed bugs.

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