How Bad A Web Hosting Service Do You Need

How Bad A Web Hosting Service Do You Need

If you are a software developer or a freelance consultant or an affiliate marketer, it has become compulsory for everybody to own a specialized website in order to promote your products and sets properly to the millions of online users.

Generally a web hosting package consists of the web space, e-mail accounts, database, scripting, shopping carts etc.

If you search by Google for a web hosting service, you will find too many companies providing this service with attractive packages and facilities. It becomes difficult to choose any one as each company claims as their web hosting package as the best and economical.

In this article, we shall discuss meaningful points which will help you choosing the correct web hosting service.

1. Stay away from free web hosting

Few companies like Google, yahoo and netfirms offer free web pages on their server. This is a good service for beginners and hobbyist to establish their website (webpage) without spending a single penny. This service has a big disadvantage. The company shows advertise on the hosted pages and keeps limited bandwidth. This may distract and limit visitors to your website. Don’t go for this kind of service if you are serious about your business and service.

2. Choose the right web space

Generally web hosting space ranges from 5MB to more than 5GB. You should carefully choose the package for your website as you may find lucrative paying for more space. For example, if you want to have a personal website then you should consider package with space between 5MB to 50 MB.

3. Don’t ignore the platform

Platform decides your programming language and database sustain. it is always important to choose the correct platform depending on the language and database you know. You can either choose Windows or Linux. If you are skilled in ASP and SQL Server, you should go for windows platform. Linux platform will sustain PHP and MYSQL better than windows from the performance point of view.

4. Additional software, sustain and control panel

Every web hosting package has additional software and features like e-mail accounts, database sustain (SQL, Access) and programming sustain (PHP, ASP). With this a user friendly control panel, sustain for Blog, forums and CMS (content management system) will be a plus point.

You should carefully choose the package considering these features and sustain. I hope above points will be helpful in selecting the correct web hosting package.

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