High Risk Jobs

High Risk Jobs

The American Lung Association states that lung cancer has killed more than 150,000 people each year. More often than not, people are experiencing from diseases which they acquired from their line of work or their high risk jobs. An upsetting increase of lung cancer has been proven. In most situations, these people have been exposed to second hand smoke at the workplace, or they have inhaled dangerous chemicals and substances they should have been warned about. Lethal among the substances is asbestos. The government has taken steps to protect both worker and employer in high risk jobs as asbestos litigation spirals upward. The damage to life is irreplaceable and billions of dollars have been spent to pay victims and their families

Many of those experiencing from lung cancer are associated with high risk jobs as shipbuilders, pipe fitters, insulation installers, tile workers, welders, refinery workers, and sanders. These are considered high risk jobs for the consequence in later years. Wondering why? Shipbuilders are always in contact with insulation material called fiberglass. Fiberglass has been known to cause cancer in laboratory animals. Fiberglass is a carcinogenic substance, and this has been known for more than 20 years before companies decided to do something about it. More than just fiberglass, though, Shipbuilders are most likely to be polluted with asbestos as many materials for shipbuilding have asbestos as a part in varying amounts – consequently shipbuilding is a high risk job.

Pipe fitting is another high risk job. Pipe fitters are more exposed to asbestos as this dangerous mineral is the basic part of pipes and similar materials. Pipe fitters unknowingly inhale the fibers which become lodged in their lungs. Contamination from asbestos is always lethal. Although asbestos is seldom used in today’s industries, it was used widely between 1940 and 1980. Aside from asbestos, pipe fitters are also at risk for contact with benzene – another carcinogenic that causes lung cancer.

Those who install insulation flirt with death and disease by their high risk job. This is another job that has caused lung cancer among the workers. Asbestos is present in insulation materials, and any laborer who has worked as an insulation installer is 92 times more likely to get sick. Another high risk job is working with tiles. They are likely to inhale interminable quantities of asbestos in almost all the materials they work around with – on ceilings, floors, and wall. As they work on the tiles they whiff in the dust which always carry asbestos which will give them mesothelioma cancer or asbestosis. Sanders, unknowingly, are in high risk jobs. already they have protective gear, they are nevertheless prone to dust inhalation which may contain toxic fumes from asbestos, benzene and other carcinogenics.

Welding is another high risk job. The metal parts they work with contain a high number of cancer-causing pollutants which they inhale. The pollutants are encased in the lungs and become a cause for deadly diseases. Meanwhile, equipments in oil refineries contain asbestos. These pieces of equipment include ovens, driers, furnaces, pumps, and heat exchangers. By just being near these pieces of equipment, workers are exposed to the untold risks of lung diseases and mesothelioma cancer.

All laborers in high risk jobs should seek legal advice should they speculate symptoms caused by exposure to asbestos. They all have the right to claim compensation for the undue experiencing they are going by.

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