Great Copywriting and Marketing Start With Empathy

Great Copywriting and Marketing Start With Empathy

Unlike what many of us are led to believe, intuitive empathic and highly sensitive folks are PERFECTLY gifted to rock some great marketing and copywriting.

Here’s why:

The best marketing speaks to not only the customer’s wants but also their thorough emotional needs, beliefs and identity.

The best copy relates to the readers and makes you their friend and advocate, not Joe Salesman trying to make a quick buck from them.

It’s about getting into the nooks and crannies of your ideal clients’ lives.

Walk a day or already a year in their shoes; feel what they’re feeling; think what they’re thinking… (so much so that you get worried that you’re developing a divided personality.)

When you’re naturally empathic, you’ve the ability to dig into those thorough recesses – stuff they won’t tell you in surveys and researches.

As an empath, you’ve the ability to intuit what speaks to their thorough-seated inkling and identity, what they believe to be true, what’s really bugging them and what they need to know in order to work with you.

These are the stuff that they won’t tell you – because they don’t already know it or aren’t able to articulate it however.

You, being the one why can help them see it, clarify it, name it and articulate it – will most likely gain the trust and be seen as the expert who’d also give them the solution (= they want to work with you.)

Trust yourself.

You know how to talk to YOUR niche better than anyone else.

Sure, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel at every turn… but templates and checklists, or already “sales psychology” can only take you so far without your meaningful input, which is your rare understanding of your audience and how you fit in.

We’re human beings (and that includes your clients!!) – there’re complexity in our thoughts, emotions and actions that research, data and formula can’t capture.

Allow that empathy to do its magic. Allow yourself to tap into the maze of thoughts and emotions. Allow yourself to weave in and out of your audience’s psyche.

These are the raw materials, the high quality input that makes any strategies, tactics, templates or checklists useful.

And speaking of the wants and desires of your ideal clients, the million-dollar “what keeps them up at 3am?” question…

… leads to the much-dreaded seemingly omnipresent marketing exercise “ideal client profile” (or avatar or persona… Boring Boris and Mischief Melvin)

Your Ideal Client Profile is Only Half the Story

The problem with most of these questionnaires is that they’re often approached as a standalone exercise.

You answer the question, say hello to your guy/gal (give her a name, they say), and are reminded to keep him/her in mind as the one person to write your stuff to… then you move on.

Here’s where the real work truly begins… if you don’t file it away.

I’ve this same exercise in the prep work I give my copywriting clients too.

In and of itself, it’s probably no different from the dozen others sitting somewhere on their hard drives.

But then magic happens when we connect the dots.

After the client finishes the prep work, we don’t just put it away.

We go back, and comb by everything with a basic eye.

I review, comment, and grill the client with a very disciplined thought course of action to validate if the description of their ideal clients is a match to their values, convictions, superpowers, life experiences and rare positioning (aka what they want to be known for.)

The goal is not only to dig into the thoughts and emotions of your possible clients, but also to see the match, or mismatch, between what they want and how you deliver that.

(Hint: if there’s a mismatch, it’s probably be easier to re-estimate your ideal client profile than to change your own values, convictions and superpowers… )

When you’re able to articulate this match in heaven in your copy, you’ve found gold.

The ability to do so requires a thorough understanding of YOU expressed by your business, and your clients.

This thorough understanding is where your empathic gift comes in so you can get pass the surface stuff and sound bytes (which everyone else is yakking about,) and establish an authentic and profound connection with your audience/possible clients.

This connection gives you the most valuable input for your marketing and copywriting.

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