Go for Depo Provera Detox and You Will Love it

Go for Depo Provera Detox and You Will Love it

Many tragic incidents have been quoted about the women who received a progesterone shot known as Depo Provera detox for birth control. This synthetic progesterone was made obtainable in the market in the early nineteen nineties. One injection was effective for three months. It acted in two different ways; firstly it suppressed ovulation i.e. release of egg from the ovary of the recipient women. Secondly it acted by increasing the viscosity of the mucus present in the cervix so as to block the passage of sperm by the cervix, up to the uterus and to the fallopian tubes.

It soon lost the favors as the undesired effects became more and more noticeable. Some of the unwanted effects are abnormal weight gain, flaring up of acne and some other skin lesions and loss of scalp hair further rule to psychiatric problems that included undesired mood changes such as irritability, paranoid symptoms and mood sinking culminating in depressive illness.

Some ladies were wise to stop using this method of birth control on noticing the unwanted effects. But the progesterone that had already entered the body was to stay there. Also some effects were such, as could not be reversed already after the stoppage of injections.

Scope for Depo Provera Detox:

Depo Provera Detox is a specially designed detox program for the unfortunate victims who have received this synthetic hormone and want to get rid of the continuing unhealthy effects.

What is a Depo Provera Detox?

Depo Provera Detox plan consists of the following

a) Liberal water intake. This is an important part of all diet detox programs especially Depo Provera Detox.

b) Consuming fresh vegetables and fruits and their juices

c) Taking herbal teas that cleanse the body

d) A sauna session and physical exercise in fresh air

All these things will help in renewing the body vigor and energy and one would be able to live a better natural life.

When to start Depo Provera Detox:

Depo Provera Detox should be done after giving sometime to the body for its own natural healing. Depo Provera Detox should be considered as an air to the body’s natural revitalizing mechanisms. Depo Provera Detox may also be aided by acupuncture and acupressure to stimulate the adrenal glands of the body. It should be remembered that those women who have received the hormone for longer periods need to undergo detoxification diets like Depo Provera Detox for longer time.

Avoid in Future

Fiddling with natural mechanism of body always consequence in disaster in both sexes. One should avoid inflicting the body with the synthetic stuff obtainable in the market and always go with the character. In most of the situations deviating from the character by use of Depo Provera victims is sure.

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