Generate Stem Cells Naturally

Generate Stem Cells Naturally

You can generate trillions of stem cells within one month when you take glyconutrients every day, if every new-born cell is coated with them. {1} {6}

The cost? Between $60 – $200 a month depending on your body’s health/toxic over-load, & history of nutrient deficiencies. however stem-cell transplants can cost $150,000 each, & some people receiving stem cell transplants end up with fungal/virus infections from a hospital stay.Transplanted stem cells have caused tumors & terrible health problems for the receiver.

The generating of stem cells from taking glyconutrients is automatically recognized as self, pure & simple.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells aren’t “finished” or part of a tissue or organ, but have the ability to generate into any other cell in the body. So a stem cell can become a neuron, a liver cell, a brain cell, a finger-nail cell…in any case the body needs, & the body knows what to do with real nutrition!

Glyconutrients provide the ability for cells to recognize where the body needs help, to move the information, & to generate stem cells to repair or replace damaged cells.

JAMA’s Report

On Feb. 19, 2003 the Journal of American Medical Ass’n (JAMA) reported that donor stem cells crossed the blood brain obstacle and became neurons in the recipient’s brain.

These People Took {& Take} Glyconutrients

A doctor in Texas, H. Reginald McDaniel has a science team which noted many unexplainable roles being restored to the central nervous system, pancreas cells, lung, kidney, and heart, after being given glyconutrients over a long period of time.

They have seen changes in people of all ages, including infants, children, teenagers, adults, and some quite elderly, who were thought to be in irreversible health situations. They also give other chief nutrients to help all body systems to be self-healing.

Anecdotal Reports from Afar

The JAMA report explains these medically impossible changes Dr. McDaniel’s team saw in themselves, their patients, & heard from various reports by people they didn’t know were taking the supplements.

Diseases or disease processes can’t be named legally, but these symptoms have been relieved:

Auto-immune disorders, psychological disorders like ‘hearing voices & depression, allergies/asthma; heart disease, cholesterol, weight loss/lean-to-fat ratio. Yeast die-off occurs…the list goes on and on.

Grandmother was right: “Eat your fruits & vegetables.” These days that statement should include” grown in organic soil w/out chemicals.”

I have a VHS tape {4} that tells of a premie’s heart which had ‘incurable’ health problems. The doctors kept saying “We don’t understand!” {why she ended up with normal health at age 5}. {5} It’s now out of compliance because of legal red tape. Hopefully we will soon be able to talk about the diseases that have been reversed.

What About Viruses?

Although fever is the body’s way of destroying viruses {please don’t lower fever unless it’s dangerously high}, continued diet- related inflammation leads to obesity, diabetes, arthritis {all kinds}, brain disorders/dementia, etc.

Anti-biotic use can cause cancer {6}, does not kills viruses, & consistent use will create a foundation for bacterial/joint infections, heart disease, IBS, & commonly increases allergic responses sooner or later. {6} {7}

Glyconutrients help protect cells from viruses & bacteria.

These important nutrients are almost gone from our food chain. Over the past 100 years commercial farming has taken over family- grown gardens. Mostly these farms don’t replinish the soil with 87 minerals or enzymes – allow friendly micro-organisms & earth worms to break down organic molecules {make humus} which creates nutrients for plants – control acidity – or let it rest one year out of seven {7}

Humus is the basis for soil life. Synthetic fertilizers & pesticides/herbicides kill vital micro-organisms & the soil’s health.

And most fruits & vegetables are harvested green. *Only vine-ripened* plants develop all the nutrients which makes them so healthful.

Let decay Or Irradiate

Irradiation, according to HSI’s panelist Allan Spreen, M.D., in 2002: “Irradiation accelerates the growth of aspergillus mold which produces the most potent natural carcinogens {cancer-causing} known to man, called aflotoxins.” Or known as formaldehyde & benzene.

The FDA changed the time of action from being called radiotoxins to “rare radiolytic” & “known radiolytic.” Makes the terms easier to swallow {pun intended.}

From the book “Science or Miracle,” Excerpt pages 28 – 29:

“Food is exposed to extremely high doses of radiation to kill bacteria, parasites, & fungi that may cause spoilage. Gamma rays…like Cobalt-60 in doses of 100,000 to 3 million rads are used. A measure of 10 thousand rads will totally destroy any living tissue. …done to our fruits, vegetables, flour,

nuts, chicken, & other foods.” {4}

Buy The Best – Don’t Cheat Yourself

When you buy glyconutrients the company should have saccharides to protect others during digestion, to make the IMMEASURABLE & irreplaceable chains they need to make, in nano- to … seconds. Only the body completely knows how to make them.

See for Continuing Education {CE} Credits for doctors & other health professionals.


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