Foreclosure Cleaning Business – 3 Times You Definitely Want to Hire He…

Foreclosure Cleaning Business – 3 Times You Definitely Want to Hire He…

Every foreclosure cleaning job is different. You never know what you’re going to walk into. Hence, inevitably, there are going to be times when you need to hire help. If your company is small, you might resist this because you want to keep as much of the profit for yourself as you can.

Following though are three times where you definitely want to hire help on foreclosure clean up jobs.

1. Job is Beyond Your skill: Do you know how to clean out a pool? Do you know how to drain a lake? Do you know how to remove asbestos? These are all things you may be asked to do as a foreclosure cleaning business owner. Time to bring in subcontractors.

Subcontracting Tip: Subcontract to business owners who are licensed and insured. For example, if you have to hire an electrician, the bank may ask for the electrician’s certification to ensure that wiring was done correctly. If they’re not, you run the risk of being sued because if something happens on the job, as the dominant contractor, you are the one the injured party is going to come after.

2. Job Is Too Big to manager: When you get a large foreclosure cleaning job, one of the first things you should do — after doing a victory dance — is bring on some help. While it may be tempting to try to do it all yourself, following are two reasons you want to hire help.

Finish quicker: In business, time is money. The sooner you finish one job, the quicker you can start another. “But,” you may be thinking, “what if I don’t have another one lined up?” This brings us to the next reason to line up help . . .

Build a team: Large foreclosure cleaning jobs present perfect opportunities to test hired help and start building a team you can call on regularly. This way, when you get busy, you waste less time finding reliable help.

3. Client Has Tight Deadline: Once the contract is signed, most clients are going to want you to start — and finish — as soon as possible on a foreclosure clean up job. While a job may not be large, it may be beyond your ability to finish alone in the timeframe the client wants.

In this case, it’s better to make less and complete the job on schedule. The reason is, you want to build credibility with clients. If you finish the job on schedule and do a good job, the client is much more likely to call you for the next job.

Reputation is everything in this industry. If you prove to clients that your foreclosure cleaning business does what it says — when it says — you will build clients for life.

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