Fishing Fridays Radio Interviews Cliff Prince – 8 Year Veteran of BASS…

Fishing Fridays Radio Interviews Cliff Prince – 8 Year Veteran of BASS…

Fishing Fridays Radio Podcast.

Where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top fisherman are using to catch more fish, rule tournaments and how you can get those same results.

Hello everybody. Welcome to Dig IN Fishing Fridays. Im your great number Mike Grady. Im excited today. Today We have Cliff Prince here.

Cliff is a Bassmaster Elite Series Angler from Palatka, FL.

– Cliff has fished the BASSMASTER Elite Series for 8 years
– Cliff has fished the BASSMASTER typical twice.
– Cliff enjoys deer hunting and offshore fishing when he is not working or competing.

Cliff Prince, a Bassmaster Elite Series angler from Palatka, Florida, joins us in this episode.

He has fished in the Elite Series for eight years, in the Bassmaster typical twice, and enjoys deer hunting when hes not fishing.

Cliff says that his number-one challenge regarding tournaments is the without of confidence that can arise from an unsuccessful practice session.

He talks about the short amount of time that he is allowed to prepare on a new body of water prior to the tournament, but also speaks to how the worst practices can sometimes rule to the best performances.

We then hear more about how Cliff prepares a game plan and his belief that mother character is the biggest factor in what anglers do.

Mike asks Cliff if he likes to keep notes, with Cliff answering that he used to but now prefers mental ones. He then talks about lakes being different every time he returns to one, already if its during the same week.

Cliff says that for this reason, he tries not to get caught up in the past.

Recently, Cliff learned a big lesson in Atlanta about the differences between warm-water and cold-water fishing which he discloses to us.

He then shares his thoughts on what the hardest part about fishing in the Elite Series is and explains sponsorship commitments.

Something that has helped Cliff find success in the Elite Series is patience, so he explains why its so important to be mentally prepared for tournaments.

After, we learn what Cliffs top fishing secret and favorite bait are.

Cliffs partners are…
Bassmaster Elite
Futchs Depot
Futchs Marine Depot
Gravely Mowers
Fitzgerald Fishing
Phoenix Boats
Bass Assassin
Greenfish Tackle
Bobs Machine Shop
Bass Mafia
Bass Pro Shop

Cliff Quote
Bass fishing is in my blood. Seems Ive been fishing since my feet first hit the floor, starting out with a gall berry bush limb, nylon string and a 5/0 shark hook, fishing in the drainage ditches of my parents character. My mother said I was always determined to land the big one, fishing each and every day, sun-up to sundown. Then, going to bed, and dreaming about fishing just about every night.

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