Do it Yourself Solar strength System Vs Magnetic Generator, Which is Better?

Do it Yourself Solar strength System Vs Magnetic Generator, Which is Better?

Over the last few months it seems like the internet has been on fire about do it yourself solar strength system. But there is a new kid on the block, magnetic generators, and its gaining in popularity more and more everyday. So now I am getting a lot of people asking me about this “new technology” and how it compares to solar strength, wind and other replaceable energy supplies.

I bought the “best” Magnetic generator diy kit

There are currently one or two do it yourself magnetic generator program that claim to show you how to put this “self generating” magnetic generation system together. Without naming names, I bought the “best one”, the most heavily promoted one anyway and decided to check it out. The claim is that it is better than solar and generate way more strength. If this was true then I wanted in on it.

I have been into solar strength and wind energy for some time and have build my own solar panels and wind turbine from scratch using the best do it yourself solar strength system online, so if I could do it for solar I think I could do it for magnetic generators also.

Bear in mind that I am not a technical person by character or by training, but love the thought of using environmental friendly, replaceable energy that can help the planet heal, and also never having to pay another utility bill.

No such thing as a generator that can creates energy by itself from nothing

Unfortunately, my skeptical mind about this magnetic generation was right. Based on what I could remember about producing energy in my high school physics class, the claims made by these magnetic strength generators pushers defied the very laws of physics.

Creating strength from nothing, or zero point fluctuation has remained elusive to the worlds top scientist. Starting from pioneering physicist Nicola Tesla in the nineteenth century, all the way down to modern time, scientist have spent billions trying to get this technology to work, but so far no one has successfully done so.

The thought of using a small electrical output to strength a magnetic generator that could produce 5-10 more strength than it took to strength the said generator is an exciting thought, but it has not however seen the light of day. This would be the technological invention and discovery of this century, and would not be contained a $50 eBook online.

Needless to say I could not already understand the mombo jumbo, poorly written instructions in the eBook to already get an electric magnetic motor together, let alone a magnetic strength generator which creates absolutely free energy from nothingness. Absolutely free energy? There is no such thing! Energy has to come from something or somewhere, but I am not a technical person and maybe I was just not getting it, so I asked my good buddy, a PhD physicist also a professor with a top university to check it out.

After giving me a good laugh he began to explain why this would never work and that already though top researchers were working on such an different energy strength source, they are nevertheless a long way off. He did say however that an Australian company called Lutec is nevertheless trying to perfect such a device, but claimed they re close. And U.S based Magnetic strength Inc, headed by Mark Goldes say they should have a prototype in 6 years or so, but until then we have to wait.

Solar and wind nevertheless number one For me that’s fine, my solar panels are providing me with up to 85% of my energy needs and I plan to be 100% off the electric grid in less than a year.

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