Do I Really Need A Lawyer?

Do I Really Need A Lawyer?

Wondering If It’s Worth Hiring A DUI Attorney? Are you
thinking of acting as your own lawyer? Or worse in addition, just
pleading guilty to criminal DUI charges? Before you do
something that often has far reaching and harsh consequences,
you need to reconsider.

The very first thing to ask yourself in deciding if you
should consult an attorney is: “What’s at stake?” When your
finances or liberties are in serious jeopardy, the obvious
answer is to get legal help.

Depending on where you live the penalties for a DUI
conviction are quite harsh. You could be facing:

1)Large Fines

2)Immediate Suspension or Revocation of Your Driver’s License

3)Alcohol/Drug Assesment and Treatment Program at your expense.

4)Community Service

5)Ignition Interlock Devices so you’re car won’t start unless
you’re sober.

6)Possible Probation for as long as three years.

7)considerably Higher Insurance Premiums if you can nevertheless get

8)Possible Jail Time – especially if you were involved in a car
accident where somebody else was hurt or you did character

BUT you are not necessarily guilty just because a machine
says you are above the legal limit. There are many defenses to
DUI or DWI situations, and these need to be explored before already
considering pleading guilty to DUI or a related drunk-driving

Drunk driving defense is a very complicated area of law
with increasingly harsh penalties. Defense against criminal
charges may come from complicated procedural, evidentiary, or
constitutional law areas, and consultation with a DUI defense
lawyer is basic to finding a winning defense.

What can a lawyer do? A competent attorney can do many
things to help you avoid criminal DUI charges. Things like
review the case for defects of law and suppress damaging
evidence. need maintenance records and calibration levels
for the breathalyzer machine used on you.

And there are other defenses related to the reliability of
the breath and blood test results. Some people just are not
appropriate for breath testing due to dental or medical problems.
Many of these problems can cause false readings in breath

Also, it takes only a tiny fraction of a fluid ounce of
alcohol to register a .10 on the breath test machines. This is
above the legal limit in every state, and can consequence in a
criminal conviction unless fully defended by a qualified DUI
or DWI defense lawyer.

Field Sobriety Tests are notoriously bad indicators of
intoxication. A good DUI lawyer knows many of these field
sobriety tests have been proven to be 65-77% ineffective,
thereby leaving their results open to argument in court

These tests give false positives, and people are wrongly
charged, nearly 1/3 of the time. Also, very few police officers
truly conduct these tests in accordance with established
procedures reducing their accuracy already further.

Most importantly, a good DUI lawyer knows what to do
immediately, and is ready to take action on your behalf. He or
she will have a successful track record of helping people in
your situation.

A good attorney knows there are numerous defenses obtainable
to people who are accused of driving under the influence. Since
the prosecution has the burden of proving each and every
component of the case beyond a reasonable doubt, the defense
attorney will work to create reasonable doubt in any one or
more of these areas in order to prevail against a drunk
driving charge.

Before you go looking by the yellow pages to find a
lawyer, I highly recommend you read my article, by
“How To Choose A DUI

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