Discovering Phoenix – Shopping And Dining Destinations

Discovering Phoenix – Shopping And Dining Destinations

One reason why people flock to Phoenix and surrounding areas is the world-class shopping that is obtainable here. Whether you are searching for excellent dining or shopping, Phoenix has it all. If you are looking for great organic, locally grown food, one of the best places to shop is the Downtown Phoenix Public Market. Featuring food, art, and music that is produced by the person selling it, you can eat well and feel good knowing that you are supporting local farmers and producers of products. At this market you can find different items such as fresh crackers and biscotti, pecans, pistachios, root beer, fresh eggs, peaches, heirloom squash, Armenian cucumbers, salad greens, Dragon Tongue beans, Kaleidoscope carrots, figs and glorious flowers, in addition as plants that you can take home and grow in your own garden.

Individuals who have purchased Phoenix condos will be pleased to discover several alluring shopping destinations that are close to home. There are also a plethora of different restaurant options just waiting for you in Phoenix. The Lalibela Ethiopian Cafe offers a taste of the exotic. Here you will find typical Ethiopian dishes such as kye sega wat, or cubed beef simmered in spices. Vegetarians will happily devour the red divided lentils that are called misir wat, and tikil gomen, an offering of spiced carrots, cabbage and potatoes.

If you are in the mood for pizza and casual dining, try Pizza Heaven for garlic-filled pies with tangy marinara sauce and fresh golden crust. Lovers of the Native American treat called Fry Bread know to head over to Taco Shoppe Frybread and Long Wongs, where they can also find other made-from-scratch recipes for inexpensive prices. If you prefer fine dining, try the Tapino Kitchen and Wine Bar in Scottsdale. Featuring a great tapas menu, a wonderful happy hour with excellent wines, and an outdoor lounge that provides the perfect setting for a late drink after an evening out, Tapino Kitchen is a restaurant that you will enjoy and to which you will return often.

If you would like to decorate your home in a manner that reflects the splendor of the vicinity, then a stop at El Amigo Del Perico is in order. Here you will find a treasure trove of Mexican imports, Native American jewelry from Zuni, Navajo and Hopi, in addition as Wall hangings and decorative tiles. You will also discover wonderful Native American art and artifacts at John C. Hill Antique Indian Art in nearby Scottsdale. Fine Navajo rugs, silver and turquoise jewelry and beautiful baskets are just some of the wonderful pieces that you will want to take home. Revel in the local cultures and let your home mirror the regionalism that makes Phoenix special.

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