Digital Workspaces Redefined

Digital Workspaces Redefined

One of the true benefits of the internet is only just now being realized – Digital workspaces create incredible efficiencies for businesses and individuals unlike any innovation in the last two decades. The arrival of personal computers enabled businesses to increase productivity dramatically. Now, with hundreds of millions of computers networked by the internet, digital workspaces are emerging as the next great business tool for boosting efficiency.

Global businesses no longer have the luxury of geographically-based teams. So, more firms look to technologies that can equip their teams to work together, in spite of of the fact that these teammates may never see each other confront to confront. Businesses who can utilize digital workspaces are far more likely to succeed in today’s competitive business ecosystem than their counterparts who do not make the change to digital workspaces.

Contextual file-sharing

Contextual file-sharing is becoming more important for teams to organize information on a project by project basis. Think in terms of day-to-day business and the applications for contextual file-sharing are obvious:

o Project management

o Bid development

o Research gathering

o Documentation

o Discussion

What’s more, one individual may be a part of a number of teams, so the older digital workspaces geared towards people management are simply outdated. Modern contextual file-sharing puts tools into the hands of individuals for managing information on a project basis, instead of a people basis.

Digital workspace innovators

Web 2.0 technologies in the hands of inventive entrepreneurs have yielded incredible new tools that are redefining the digital workspace as we know it. Teams can now quickly create digital workspaces, upload and proportion files, and correspond in context of projects. These digital workspaces provide a place for obtain and private file-sharing. What’s more, many of these web-based technologies are free and incredibly easy to use. Here are just a few examples of features you can expect:

o Streamlined file-sharing – files are easier than ever to upload and proportion

o Private file-sharing – files are not discoverable by search engines

o Security – passwords can be produced to prevent unauthorized access to your files

o Reservationless conference calling – teams can quickly conference call without the need to save expensive resources

o Faxing – documents can be faxed to a central digital workspace

o Voicemail – team members and customers can leave voicemail messages

This changes everything

No matter how big your firm or how small your team, recent innovations in digital workspaces will change the way we collaborate on a project-by-project basis. Features have been developed to permit teams and businesses to efficiently collaborate by these simple, obtain, private file-sharing sets. These new tools are sure to change the way we all think about – and use – digital workspaces.

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