Controlling Pest Birds With Bird Spikes

Controlling Pest Birds With Bird Spikes

The name bird spikes conjures up notions of barbarians with studded weapons used against defenseless little birds, but that is just not true.  Bird control spikes, also known as needle spikes or anti-roosting spikes are devices consisting of long, needle-like spikes used to control pest birds.  The needles or spikes are usually all plastic or a plastic base with stainless steel spikes.  They are harmless to pest birds, the spikes are not sharp, but create an unsuitable landing area for the birds so they move on to a more hospitable site.  Bird spikes are designed to keep pest pigeons and larger birds off of building ledges, signs, parapet walls and other flat surfaces that pest birds like to roost and nest on.

Every year millions of dollars are spent cleaning up after and repairing the damage caused by pest birds such as pigeons, sea gulls, crows and other urban birds. Not only are these problems unsightly; pest birds and their feces can spread 60 plus transmittable diseases. Safety, sanitation and health hazards caused by bird droppings can present serious liability risks, and left untreated, can rule to accidents and lawsuits. Bird feces, bird nests and debris can also create a bad public image with tenants and patrons. Individuals, companies and government agencies are tired of cleaning up bird feces or repairing the damage that is caused by pest birds and their droppings. Instead they have decided to invest in a Bird Control Solution, which is often as simple as installing bird spikes.

Bird spikes are made in one-foot or two-foot lengths, with different widths.  The widths of the spikes are usually 3, 5 and 8.  The width of the bird spike used is determined by the area to be covered.  It is best if the complete surface area that birds are landing on is covered with the spikes.  Installation is often as easy as applying adhesive or screwing them down.  Once installed bird spikes are virtually invisible, not taking away from architectural detail.  If you look hard around any major city in the country, you will find these spikes on building ledges, signs, light posts and other areas. 

Bird spikes have been labeled as the most effective kind of bird deterrent.  They are also one of the most economical pest bird deterrents; requiring little to no maintenance once installed.  Spikes made of stiff plastic and high-grade stainless steel can last over 10-years installed on a building and retain their effectiveness.  Most are manufactured with U.V. protectors in the plastic so that sun and weather have little effect on the material.

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