Conference Call Rate – How Much Does Conference Service Cost?

Conference Call Rate – How Much Does Conference Service Cost?

Conference call rate varies depending on a few factors your call needs to ease.  First of all, are you trying to do more than three-way call?  If the party is less than three, you do not need to add any special pricing to most of existing phone plans today.  Use “three-way call” service provided by your phone company.  If you do not know how, call the local operator to walk you by.  Don’t need to pay additional rate for this service for most providers.

Do You Use the iPhone?

If you happen to have the iPhone by Apple, you can connect up to five people on the single phone call. Once again, you do not need to add anything additional for this service.   You should not need to pay additional monthly rate on your plan to use this service.  

How About the Polycom?

If you need to conference with more than three people, and you do not have the iPhone, first consider getting a conference device by Polycom to place it on your meeting room table.  Instead of using telephone lines for every caller, having such device for groups of callers will reduce your calling rate. 

Often times business conferencing plan charge you by how many connections are made and having this device will cut down on that cost.  The biggest cost almost always involves how many people are on the call. 

How High Tech Do You Want to Get?

Now you know how many people can get on the call, you need to decide how much technology you want to introduce.

Are you using desktop application?  Do you need to show each other strength point?  This is where things can get expensive if you don’t know what methods to use.  For more high tech solutions, start using DimDim or Skype if you’re using the Internet to keep up a meeting.  The call rate for this is free up to certain number of people. 

Do You Only Need Audio Conferencing?

If you Google “Free Conference Call”, you’ll find plenty of service providers.  Some are free up to certain number of callers, others are free until you record the call.  Most businesses with less than 100 callers can get away by using one of these sets.

Verizon’s rate for audio only is $85 every 1000 minutes and it’s only for up to 20 callers.  If your local telephone company is Verizon, you can be billed in one statement.  AT&T charges you $0.14 per minute, per connection.

How to Find the Best Rate

Network with others in your industry and ask which service they’re using.  If you’re not a techie, nobody pays attention to which service provider your company uses for conferencing, but if you’re a small business owner who likes knowing all operating expenses for your business, it’s worth researching.

The most important thing to remember is how many callers do you need to connect?  Do you need web conferencing?  Do you need a characterize that cannot be handled by free sets found on Google?  Most businesses do not need anything other than audio conferencing and if that’s the case, keep Googling for a free provider instead of adding to your existing calling plan. 

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