Can I Really Make Money With a Reseller Web Hosting Account?

Can I Really Make Money With a Reseller Web Hosting Account?

It’s been touted as one of the easiest ways for the slightly-web-savvy individual to make money on the Internet – reseller web hosting. presumably, all you have to do is buy a reseller hosting account, find clients, and watch the money roll in, month after month after month. We all know what the hype says in this situation – reselling web hosting accounts is a no-brainer business opportunity. However, can the reality of the opportunity live up to the expectations that the hype produces?

Before you dive into the great money-maker of reseller web hosting, there are a associate things that you need to know. First off – it isn’t quite as hassle-free as it’s hyped up to be. See, already if you do manage to acquire hundreds of paying clients for your branded web hosting sets, you nevertheless need to sustain your clients. At the very least, this method that you either have to hire people to manager your sustain requests, or you need to dedicate your own time to the cause. Now, as a reseller, you will not likely have root access to the server, so in a lot of situations, you have to be the middleman between your clients and your web hosting company when sustain requests surface.

The second area is probably where you’re going to run into the biggest obstacles — getting clients. See, when bandwidth and disk space was just starting to come down in price several years back, that may have been a good time to jump on the reseller web hosting bandwagon. However, over the years, literally tens of thousands of people, who have the exact same ideas that you do, jumped on that wagon, and unfortunately, the wheels fell off from it.

Now, this isn’t meant to completely discourage you from pursuing the ‘make money via reseller hosting’ opportunity, but if you hope to make it work for you – you have to do something that other mainstream business owner hopefuls haven’t already tried. You have to differentiate your offers!

There are ways to make money with a reseller hosting account, but the newcomers who are succeeding in this market are not relying on reselling web hosting sets alone – they are tacking on supplemental sets. for example, some are offering website design sets, and then afterward offering website hosting packages to their clients. Or they cater to a specific part or niche market. Others are taking needed sets, such as shopping cart systems, affiliate management systems, and credit card processing and combining them with website hosting sets to offer to the public. Unfortunately, the viability of running a profitable, no-effort reseller hosting business out of your bedroom or spare room just isn’t likely anymore.

So, while there are ways, already today, that you can make money reselling web hosting, you’re going to be hard-pressed to be able to make money by offering hosting sets as a stand-alone service.

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