Can I Learn to Become a Psychic Or Psychic Medium With Hypnosis?

Can I Learn to Become a Psychic Or Psychic Medium With Hypnosis?

Is it possible for anyone (with a normal functioning brain) to learn to become a psychic or psychic medium (Channel)? Is it possible for anyone to have an out-of-body (astral travel) experience? Yes, it is certainly possible. One of the methods you could use to aim yourself to become a psychic medium or to experience astral travel is Hypnosis.

Hypnosis guided by an experienced and knowledgeable hypnotherapist helps you to relax your body and mind deeply and safely which allows you to tap into eternal and non-physical part of you that is always connected to the Source, the unlimited stream of wisdom and well-being.

When you go into into thorough trance, your conscious mind is nevertheless there protecting you but your basic area of mind (basic faculty) is affected (disoriented) which allows you to open the door to your immortal self or superconscious mind. When you open that door and go into into that ceaseless flow of well-being, anything is possible.

I surprise if you can just close your eyes right now and notice the beautiful, warm darkness behind your eyelids. You closest become aware of a strong sense of unlimitedness and eternalness. That space has no boundaries -there’s no beginning and no ending…great timeless space. I believe that vastness is part of our essence. In that great space, the impossible becomes possible.

You can communicate with loved ones on the other side (meaning souls that vacated their physical bodies on Earth), your spirit guides, your council members/the wise ones, and The God/Source/Creator/Divine. You can give yourself psychic readings as many times as you want! You can see and experience your past lives!

Do you have to be gifted and special to do those mysterious or amazing things? Quite the contrary. After all, we all are special and gifted! We do this (communicating with our guides and loved ones on the other side) all the time on one level (without being fully conscious about it) anyway all day long.

Have you ever been in a situation where you got lost and there was nobody around for you to ask for the directions? So you ended up screaming, ‘please help me!’ and somehow you started driving again and the next thing you noticed you reached your destination. And you say to your friends, “I was so lucky…” or “I found this place by accident.” Did it really happen by accident?

Here is another example. When you were faced with your friend who was in a great emotional pain, the most incredible, inspiring encouragement flowed out of your mouth which helped alleviate your friend’s experiencing. And you say ‘where did that come from?’ Where did it really come from?

I am very sure that you can find many more simple examples like above.

We all have this incredible ability, the ability to communicate with the non-physical vicinity. Jesus, Buddha, and many ancient great spiritual leaders tell us that we are from the Source/God/Creator/Divine and we are one with the Source/God/Creator/Divine and that we have the strength and abilities just like the Source/God/Creator/Divine to create anything in our lives. We must have the ability to connect with the non-physical beings.

Hawaiians were the first amongst many to recognize and accept the concept that we as souls live in both the physical and the non-physical realms at all times and that part of us never left “home”, the non-physical vicinity.

If you have a strong desire to remember and experience who you really are with or without the beliefs of reincarnation and the living in both realms, Past life regression and Spiritual regression hypnosis/ hypnotherapy is one of the greatest ways to fulfill that desire.

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