Call Center Seat Leasing in the Philippines

Call Center Seat Leasing in the Philippines

Few people only know the importance of call center seat leasing in the outsourcing industry. To establish your own company will require lot of efforts and shelling out huge amount of money for you to start up your business operational. If you’re a businessman and you consider setting up your own call center, the best scheme that you need to try is the call center seat leasing.

Seat leasing is defined as a do-it-yourself company. You need not require releasing huge amount of money because seat leasing usually offers the lowest rates and equipment which you need in the call center industry. The outsourcer will only provide his manpower to manager his account effectively. In terms of infrastructure, the location, the chairs, and any kinds of equipment related to call center will be provided to you immediately.

This would be the best idea if you’re a newbie in the industry. A lot of investors preferred seat leasing because it helps their business operating smoothly without any problem. The cost that you need to pay will depend on the agreement between the lessee and the seat leasing company. The investors express their positive thoughts because their business is expected to grow.

Once the agreement will be secured properly, the lessee will avail the following equipment: $350 per stop per month which equivalent to $2.20 an hour; No long-term commitments – one month improvement payment; No deposits; guaranteed 99.9% up time; Hardware provision and maintenance; Call stop per employee — complete with a computer and dial pad equipped with air conditioning and adequate lighting; Technical sustain; Access to IP webcam; Guaranteed security for the employees – PBX, ACD, CRM IVR and Music on keep up; Two Tier three VOIP carriers, the quality is just as good as your regular phone; 800 numbers or main land local US numbers; Conference Room; Predictive Dialer; Redundant Internet Connections; Unlimited phone calls to the main land US; One nine hour time slot is dedicated for lease, 8 hours of calling and a one hour lunch break; and Men and Women’s restrooms.

If you plan to seat lease, a famous place to outsource is the Philippines. The Philippines is the preferred destinations of the outsourcers because of the noticeable facilities and cost-effective rates. Filipino workers are amazing working in the world because they are competent and talented in helping your business up and running.

Once you made up your plans to do seat leasing, you need to plan a trip to the Philippines and start searching for the place you want to outsource. Thousands of contact centers are operating only in Metro Manila, and also in the provinces. If you’re wise enough to experience the wonderful BPO (business course of action outsourcing) call center seat leasing is perfect for you.

Tying up your business to Filipino workers are the best in the world. Don’t be afraid to try new things in investing your money. There are people out there who tried to outsource their business using seat leasing. After a year of operation, their business dramatically improves because of their passion and dedication in helping their business to survive against competition. A business cannot survive without competition, as a businessman you need to be objective and possess the best qualities in getting things done. Outsourcing business is a great opportunity for everyone. And call center seat leasing is here to teach you how to manage your business effectively. Follow your instincts and design the best plan for your business which will serve as backbone in attaining the goal of your business.

Further, call center seat leasing is considered today as the leading business provider helping investors choosing the best technique as a beginner. Today, the Philippines is not only known in supporting all types of off-shoring operations, small businessmen enjoy the benefits of seat leasing.

Try putting your business on the map of the Philippines. Look for the best company offering seat leasing business. In a matter of time, your business will be known in the world of outsourcing. You will be thankful that you preferred seat leasing because it is advantageous and cost-saving.

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