Booklet Tips – What Else to Offer

Booklet Tips – What Else to Offer

You may have started by creating a tips booklet with however many tips you included. You got the booklet designed and printed, distributed the PDF and/or printed copies at no cost or for sale, and are now wondering what else you can do with that content.

There are not only endless ways to deliver that same information, there are endless things you can bundle all or parts of it to keep you and those you serve interested and interesting. And you can do it strategically, planning out what you want to do on a schedule you create now for the future.

Every month has a long list of promotional events for you to consider featuring – everything from Get Organized Month to Learn Spanish Month both in January, with many more beyond those each and every month. How can you focus your content on either of those or anything else? Can you take several of the tips from your bite size radiance and present them in the context of getting organized or of learning Spanish? Can you bring that information to new industries like specialized Organizers, productivity product manufacturers, Spanish speakers, or Spanish educators?

Search on “promotional events” for the year to get you thinking. You’ll find dozens of entries for every single month of the year and may already be prompted to come up with one of your own that has special meaning for you and your business.

What about taking one, three, five, seven, or ten of your tips and putting them onto a completely new product – a shirt, a cap, a mug, or a needlepoint canvass and making a limited supply of those obtainable during one month of the year?

You can take one tip and offer an open in-thoroughness discussion on it, at a social media site, on a conference phone line, or asking for input by email from people. Can you create a contest based on the most creative way to implement a particular tip?

Actively engaging people in somehow participating with you is a way to expand your community and increase interest in your skill. As the newcomers get to know more about you they are likely to want more of what you offer. This is also a way to breathe new life into your interaction with those who have been longtime followers of your work.

ACTION – Consider ways to prompt participation in your business to the extent you feel it is appropriate for the audiences you serve, the topics you characterize, and your personality style. Ideas are everywhere, from brainstorming with friends and colleagues to seeing what local community organizations are doing to observing how specialized associations mark noteworthy benchmarks in their industry. Whether you take a small piece of what someone else does or modify their complete campaign to suit your purposes, your bite size radiance has more life and more thoroughness to it than you may have ever considered when you first captured the information for a booklet or other information product to sell, to use as a marketing tool, or both.

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