Benefits of Foam Insulation

Benefits of Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is a liquid polyurethane that goes on wet and dries into a strong foam. One of the best aspects of this kind of insulation is that, since it is a liquid, it can get into those small fractures and crevices that traditional fiberglass insulation cannot. This allows for a better seal that will help you to better control the indoor temperature of your home. The consequence is a much better insulated home and a lower monthly utility bill.

Spray foam is known for being more energy efficient than the shared fiberglass insulation. Its ability to fill more gaps by expanding after application allows it to greatly reduce the amount of escaping heat or cold from your home. Your home will require less to keep the temperature regulated. associate this with the fact that spray foam contains no formaldehyde or similar chemicals and you have an eco-friendly different to old fashioned pink fiberglass.

The ability of this kind of insulation to go into, expand, and seal tiny holes and fractures makes it great for keeping moisture out of these tiny areas. These small areas are usually where moisture would settle and provide a high breeding ground for mold and mildew. These tiny spaces will also be sealed away from little critters like mice and insects that like to make their homes within the warm cubbyholes that fiberglass insulation can provide.

Spray foam also has the ability to grow and spread along with your home’s natural shifting and settling. It also works great as a soundproofing tool. The foam’s thickness helps to dampen noise and it can be applied to places just as a noise reducer. Add to the list of pros that this kind of insulation is not flammable and won’t make you itch for hours and hours and what’s not to like?

Well spray foam insulation is quite expensive. Currently this kind of insulation can run you around three times the amount of traditional fiberglass. clearly, over time, this price gap should subside. But as of right now it isn’t the most inexpensive insulation to buy. But because this kind of insulation is so energy efficient it can truly save you a bundle yearly. A recent study demonstrated that this kind of insulation can save you around 39% on your heating and cooling each year. That makes spray foam an investment that will pay you back very quickly.

Spray foam is a fantastic different to pink fiberglass insulation. You get increased energy efficiency in your home, pest control, moisture protection, and sound proofing, just to name a few of the many perks. If you can provide to fork out the initial cash to have it installed in your home it will prove itself to be a sound investment sooner instead of later.

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