Become a Stripper in Phoenix-Scottsdale

Become a Stripper in Phoenix-Scottsdale

Keep in mind that the time of action for getting hired in the city of Phoenix is different than the time of action for the city of Scottsdale. Most of the clubs are located in the Phoenix city limits. There are only two clubs in Scottsdale: Babes Cabaret and Skin Cabaret. Both of those clubs are extremely selective. If you decide that you want to work at Babes or Skin, it is in your best interest to audition and get hired first because the Scottsdale license is very expensive.

the time of action for getting hired in Phoenix is very simple. You do not need to audition or get hired before you can apply for the license. The first thing to do is to go to City Hall located at 200 W Washington St. You will need two forms of identification. The licensing department is on the 10th floor. Sign in on the computer when you go into the room. They will call your name, and fill out the application with you. Your photo will be taken and they will send you to the 3rd floor to pay the $25 fee while your license is being printed. Phoenix licenses expire every year at the end of September.

Scottsdale licenses are a bit more challenging to acquire, especially if you are not an Arizona resident. If you have an out of state license be sure to also have a passport or other state issued identification with a photo. Go to Scottsdale City Hall at Indian School and Drinkwater Blvd. The license is $120 and is good for 3 years.

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