An Adventure in Trial and Error

An Adventure in Trial and Error

It’s only been a few permanent days since I’ve started this blog, and I’ve already come to realize that I have made some small errors in attempting to set things up and get things going.

First, and foremost, I have to put out there that I’m part of the group of people known as the “technologically challenged.” Don’t get me wrong, I can kind faster than 70wpm, and I’m very well versed in using Google to answer any unanswered question as if it were a gift from god. But when it comes to starting and creating a website, already though I can find information everywhere on the internet about doing so, it has to be a bit dumbed down for me to understand.

One of the first things I feel that I did wrong was that I bought my domain name first. I was so excited about starting a blog, and having a website to call my own that I didn’t realize that the best route would have been purchasing a great number and a domain name at the same time. Now, being that I am technologically challenged, the thought of hosting completely slipped my mind. Seems silly, but it’s true. It would have saved me money on my domain names since most companies offer sets that include a discounted domain name price with the buy of hosting, which was what I recently learned when I signed up for Blue great number. $1.99 for a domain? Heck ya! I screwed myself on that one. So how did I remember that I needed hosting? Well, I was on a mission to try and figure out how to upload a WordPress theme I recently downloaded. Turns out that you need hosting to be able to upload. Oops! Lesson learned.

FINALLY, I have an awesome start to my website with cheap hosting. Now what? Oh! Well I should get started on uploading my WordPress theme. But damn, how do I do that?

After searching a little bit up on how to upload my WordPress theme into ftp, I came across some handy “how to’s” on YouTube. Seems to easy right? WRONG! I’m doing exactly everything right, and I have the correct log in information and FTP server name and I can’t connect to the server. Sigh. I’m going to keep trying to upload and if that doesn’t work, I’ll try and search for another solution.

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