About Cloud Computing

About Cloud Computing

Cloud hosting is a popular term and if you are interested in hosting your website, you need to know what the term method.

If you are new, cloud hosting is a plan that works on the concept of divide and rule where the resources required in maintaining your website are spread across many servers and as a consequence the chances of downtime are greatly reduced.

Due to the spread of resources across many servers, you are able to manage peak loads easily without facing bandwidth issues.

One of the best companies that uses cloud hosting is Google. The company has many resources spread over hundreds of serves on the cloud and as a consequence it never gets any downtimes.

How it works

As mentioned, the plan works by having different responsibilities distributed across many servers in the cloud. When one server fails, other servers temporarily kick-in as a back-up and deliver the required resources. The servers also temporarily kick-in when there is an overload.

While the system is very effective in its working, its effectiveness is greatly reduced when low quality server hardware is used. This method that if you want the hosting to work well, you need to have high quality hardware.

Cloud hosting vs Dedicated servers and VPS

When you compare cloud hosting and dedicated servers, cloud hosting is more reliable. This is because you have multiple servers as opposed to a single dedicated server. Due to the many servers you are able to cope-up with emergencies without any problems.

While the option is more reliable, it tends to be more expensive especially when you are a heavy user.

VPS is cheap; however, its not reliable. This is because a single server is divided into multiple chunks where each portion is managed by a particular user. While this will save you money, you will have many downtimes as you will not be having back-up or already enough space to store your files.

Future of cloud hosting

As the fame of cloud hosting keeps on growing, people keep on joining the hosting plan, but at a very low rate. The reason for this is because the plan is expensive especially for small businesses and start ups.

With the way things are progressing, its expected that more companies will come up and as a consequence reduce the cost of hosting. When the hosting costs get low, its expected that everybody will be in the clouds in the next few years.

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