8 Tips to Hire Telemarketer to Supercharge Your Insurance Sales

8 Tips to Hire Telemarketer to Supercharge Your Insurance Sales

Hiring a telemarketer is a business strategy an insurance agent can analyze where the telemarketer is to obtain appointments and the insurance agent focuses his or her time solely on appointments and writing applications.

Telemarketing can be an extremely efficient and inexpensive way of acquiring business if used correctly. It should be a carefully planned activity to ensure your strategies and tactics are identify-on.

In addition to scheduling appointments, a telemarketer can help qualified prospects interested in hearing from the insurance agent. The insurance agent can then focus on sales without the emotional baggage caused by making tonnes of cold calls.

The following are a number of tips that can help telemarketing service work best for you:

(a) Master the Art First

Go by the telemarketing course of action and be really good at it, only then you have the experience and competence to hire and effectively aim a telemarketer. This is important if you want to get the best results from the telemarketing service.

(b) Use a Proven and Tested Script

A telemarketer has only a few seconds to make a good impression. Once you are sure you have the right script that you can use to produce desired results, you can aim the telemarketer how to use the script tactfully especially when handling rejections.

(c) Selection Criteria

You may consider hiring telemarketers with sales background. They are able to take on the job more quickly and smoothly. Telemarketing is not for the faint-hearted, you may go by some basic call scenarios in order to estimate their ability to manage stress.

(d) Adherence to Regulation

Study the laws regulating telemarketing activities in the area you function your business. Find out if “Do not call list” is applicable. Make sure your phone list is scrubbed against “Do not call list”.

(e) Prospect Lists

If you decide to buy prospect list, you may like to buy from a reputable source that offers you the target market that you like to focus your energies on. Buying “freebie” lists can frustrate yourself and your telemarketers.

(f) Pay Rate and motive Scheme

Telemarketers are paid hourly plus bonus. A competitive wage and reward can ensure you get to hire experienced and dedicated telemarketers who in turn will do their best to set quality appointments for you.

(g) CRM System

Choose a CRM System that can bypass answering machine and connect prospects to the telemarketers as soon as the prospects pick up the phone. It is bothersome for the prospects to listen to robotic sounding auto-diallers.

(h) Outsourcing

You may consider outsourcing. You can approach a telemarketing service provider that specializes in your service or product. For offshore sets, estimate the English-speaking and comprehension abilities of the telemarketers.

Telemarketing service can give your business a competitive edge by letting you concentrate on your chief business activities. A strategic integration of telemarketing service into your business operation can help you considerably increase sales and profits.

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