12th House Astrology

12th House Astrology

Twelfth House

The first eight houses of the horoscope indicate ikaloka sukham or the pleasures of the world. The last four houses indicate para loka sadhanam or spiritual welfare. The last four houses are known as the Dharma, Artha, Kamaand Moksha. The twelfth house rules the final emancipation of the individual from the chain of birth and death and his merging with the cosmic soul for divine worship and the state of his future existence. The twelfth house indicates the position of loss and impediments, limitation and restraint, waste and extravagance, expenses outweighing income and deception and drudgery.

The ownership of the sixth, eighth and twelfth houses are termed by ancient astrologers as being dus sthanas which is indicative of evil. No house can be said to be evil or unfortunate unless afflicted and the same can be said for the twelfth house in addition. Every house holds its sway over definite affairs and if afflicted, no one can expect the matters signified by it to be fully manifested. The contrary results are experienced when the native runs the period or sub period of the planet that afflicts the house. Once the period or sub period of the advantageous planets operates, there are no obstacles.

Characteristics of the Twelfth House

The twelfth house with loss, expenses, purchases, charity, and associations with humanitarian institutions. One may consequently buy costly jewels, if the related planet has anything to do with the second house or incur expenses in relation to short and fleeting journeys, or publications and writings, if the third house is involved. The native may invest the money he has set aside for traveling purposes on landed or immovable character. He may also opt for purchasing a means when the house is connected.

The person may be forced to use his money on his mother while going for long distance travel. The twelfth house allows one to speculate for lose or take up an insurance policy for the marriage or education of his kids. These are the various supplies by which they can use. If one has borrowed money, the twelfth house then indicates the repayment of the loan. The house makes the individual incur expenses in a variety of ways.

Sorrow and sin or segregation and impediments that a person incurs along with poverty and misfortune are classed under the influence of the twelfth house. The person may also confront aspects of persecution, imprisonment and intrigue. The house governs the secret toil of the mind and other unfortunate matters. It relates to fear, anxiety, inferiority complicate, misgivings, suspicion and others. This is the house of solitude, secrets, silent sufferings and undoing of the self.

The sixth house focuses on the help or ordinary service that is rendered to others while the twelfth represents the profound service which sis rendered to man. The twelfth house indicates life in a foreign shore or change of place or a thorough change in the surroundings or ecosystem of the native.

The house presides over the feet. It also signifies substance or the money of the elder brothers or friends or the long-lasting possessions of the father. It represents disappointment to children, sickness of the spouse, litigation and denotes the popularity and profession of the younger brother or sister.

Influence of the Planets on the Twelfth House

The effect of Neptuneon the twelfth house indicates mystery, secrecy, mediumship, psychic research and occult investigations. This is why the good attributes of Neptuneon the twelfth house bring success especially if matters are secretly carried out. The native will be appropriate for detective works and jobs that need to be performed in seclusion. Affliction of Neptunewill cause confinement in an asylum or hospital due to chronic diseases like insanity.

Uranusinfluences the success of the native by occult affairs and by the invention of chemical processes that keep a secret in spite of of being promoted by the planet. Affliction of Uranus indicates danger from the animals, accidents, troubles and disgrace from psychic or occult supplies. On may also confront sudden or strange enmities. The person will be irritated by the underhand actions of eccentric people.

Saturnis known as the planet of seclusion and if it is aspected well, the planet will point towards success in seclusion or quiet and laborious occupations. If Saturn is possessed of strength by sign or position, the planet will imply that it has been self inflicted. The position shows that secret enemies will be at work to ensure the downfall of the native. Saturn stands for save and restriction and this is why the native will prefer working in seclusion.

The placement of Mars in the twelfth house makes for dignity of the native and makes the person an estate administrator or an administrator in a public institution. Mars is usually responsible for causing grave trouble by impulse, treachery, loss of repute, from enemies or misplaced reputation. If Mars is an afflicted planet in the twelfth house, it may consequence in violence, tackling enemies in a fight, and danger of injuries by animals.

The well aspected character of Venus in the twelfth house contributes to success in occupations which are related with jails, charitable institutions and hospitals or by work in a chemical laboratory. One may assistance by working for conceal professions and will be inclined to probe the secret arts or practice the study of the occult. If Neptune or Uranus afflicts Venus, the person may have strange love affairs and may end up in a divorce.

If there is Mercury present in the twelfth house, it gives the native the mind to be concentrated on the mysteries and encounter success in chemical or occult research. The native may also be appropriate to detective work. Mercury is influenced by publicity and the twelfth house shows limitations and this is why the native will be better appropriate to perform works that are done out of sight. Mercury is an intellectual planet and it offers the native the faculty to delve into the most complicate details in matters that are unimportant or useless to others.

Well aspected and dignified Sun in the twelfth house enhances the success of the individual in occult and psychic matters and gives the native uncommon tastes and preferences. If afflicted, the Sun shows enmity of influential people, separation from one’s kin and seclusion in far away places. The Sun is also known as dhanwantari and this is why work in hospitals is indicated. It is a sign of sympathies and self sacrifice for vanquishing enemies.

The Moon is the ruler of the public, but its presence in the house of seclusion makes the native ideal for performing jobs in prisons or hospitals. This is possible if the Moon is well placed. The inconstant, emotional and changeable Moon makes the native to be engaged in love affairs, but with the popular aspects, the native will keep the secrets to themselves. Afflicted Moon signifies limitations, hindrances, fanciful fears etc.

Expressions assumed to be true of the Twelfth Bhava

  • Anthyabha – last house
  • Rippha
  • Lopasthana – house of disappearance
  • Bandha – bondage
  • Vigama Vyaya – loss or negation
  • Sayana – bed
  • Papa – sin
  • Daridrya – penury or poverty
  • Suchala – tale bearer, back biter
  • Vama nayana – left eye
  • Anghri – leg

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